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We offer a variety of products and ensure that what is sold on GreenShowers.com is natural, organic or can be re-used.

What this means for you and your children:
Less landfill waste, re-use of good items, and saving money within your community. Please enjoy!


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Organic Soap with Personalized Wraparound Tag

Organic Soap Shower FavorThe Guest of Honor isn't the only one who will remember her shower! Now her guests will too -- again, and again and again! Scented soaps for the aromatherapy experience are not only relaxing but evocative! Scent, according to scientists, is our most powerful memory source! Put on your favorite fragrance and Viola! You're transported to another place and time. . . You see?!

These lovely favors will also scent the room while guests are mingling at the party! Soap favors add a classy grace note to showers. They create conversation, harmony in the room, and elegantly show how important each and every guest is to the Guest of Honor.

These soaps are handmade using ONLY natural products and organic scents. What a chic way to go Green!

These fine soaps are made of all vegan oils: olive, palm, coconut, shea butter, castor, jojoba oil, vitamin E, essential and fragrance oils, sodium hydroxide. Made naturally the old-fashioned way!

Your choice of five beautiful colors/scents from which to choose:

Handmade Soap Favor comes complete with Personalized Tag, Ribbon, and Flower as shown in picture. Size is approx 2.5" x 1.5" and weighs nearly 2 oz. The soap smells delightful!

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Cost : $2.49 each (minimum 30)
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Orange/Mango Melon Green/Cucumber + Honeysuckle Red-Violet/Lavender-Cranberry Blue/Bakhur
Personalized Organic Soaps Personalized Organic Soaps Personalized Organic Soaps Personalized Organic Soaps
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Note: Not all soaps are equal as they are hand cut, which is part of the charm in this favor. And not all colors are guaranteed to be consistent. Again, the handmade soap element is the charm.

Product Number: ECO-601