Why Go Green?

We offer a variety of products and ensure that what is sold on GreenShowers.com is natural, organic or can be re-used.

What this means for you and your children:
Less landfill waste, re-use of good items, and saving money within your community. Please enjoy!


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Instant Shower Games to print at home



Eco-Friendly Shower Favors!

These shower favors to help make your shower environmentally friendly and unforgettable.

Personalized Organic Soaps

Organic Soap with Personalized Wraparound Tag

The Guest of Honor isn't the only one who will remember her shower! Now her guests will too -- again, and again and again! Scented soaps for the aromatherapy experience are not only relaxing but evocative.

Personalized Organic Soaps

Bloomin' Wildflower Seed Favor Packets

Your guests will plant our Wildflower Seeds and watch them grow into these beautiful flowers! Our personalized bloomin' favors come complete with a small amount of wildflower seeds, personalized with the name of the guest and her shower date along with the option to include a personalized saying on the back.

Personalized Organic Soaps

All-Natural Tea Favors

Your guests will delight in the delicious assortment of Stash tea* which is inside this personalized favor. Tied with a beautiful raffia ribbon, this favor is one beautiful, upscale and simply gorgeous delight!

Instant Shower Games you print from home

Games are one of the most important aspects of a successful shower. They help “break-the-ice” at the beginning of your party, and keep your guests focused on the guest of honor while they interact with each other.

But what can you do if it’s now the night before the party and you haven’t planned any games yet? Or, EEK! You’re on the hook for a last-minute shower? Not to worry! InstantShowerGames.com is the perfect solution!

Ideas for throwing a green baby shower

The Green shower is quickly gaining currency across the country and is oftentimes coupled with a request for eco-friendly diapers . The Green Shower turns out to be quite chic -- no paper products are allowed! Foods are served on china that will later be washed in environment friendly products such as Method or Seventh Generation dish products.

Organic and locally grown food is served. The cuisine can be vegetarian or if meats are served, they need to come from clean, certified humane producers. Even chocolate served or used in various desserts is vetted for fair trade practices (no children used as slaves to bring chocolate to the market place). Certified brands such as Newman's Own and Sweet Earth Organic Chocolates are widely available in stores across the country. Beverages follow suit by being natural and organic.

The Oregon Environmental Council offers a free Tiny Footprints Baby Shower Kit to help you get organized. This includes everything you need from the beginning stages of planning the party to food, choosing the shower gifts, games, decor and more! This resource is valuable in planning an eco-friendly, very green baby shower!